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From the Reeperbahn to Planten un Blomen City Park to the Dom – we are just a short walk from many nearby city sights.


Here is a small sampling for you along with a brief profile of Germany’s most beautiful city


Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Friee un Hansestadt Hamborg (Low German)

Nickname: Hamburg, my perl


Coat of arms
Geographic location:
53° 33′ N, 10° 0′ O
755,3 qkm
Population, total:
(898.559 Frauen und 847.783 Männer)
(113.026 Frauen und 120.963 Männer)
Date of the information:

1 • Rote Flora

Roten Flora has become an alternative neighborhood center whose fame has spread far beyond the city. Built in 1886, “Flora” was originally a concert hall. From 1953 to 1964 it served as a cinema, and after that, a hardware store. In 1987 it was to become a music hall again, but this plan sparked fierce protest activities. As a result, the building was occupied by the protesters and its name was changed.
Distance to us: 160 m

2 • Hamburger Hof (Schulterblatt 24 a-h)

It may not appear so at first glance, but this place holds a great deal of history. Here, along the diagonal path of a wall, it is still possible to make out the border that once separated Hamburg from Altona, which was an independent city until 1938.
Distance to us: 260 m

3 • Heinrich-Hertz-Turm

Hamburg’s tallest building and city landmark was completed in 1968. The Telecommunications Tower, also called “Telemichel,” stands 279.8 meters high and weighs 43,000 tons.
Distance to us: 750 m

4 • Flohschanze

In sunny or rainy weather, summer or winter, the Schanze neighborhood’s cult-favorite Flohschanze flea market welcomes shoppers every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Distance to us: 750 m

5 • Heiligengeistfeld

The grounds at Heiligengeistfeld not only feature a soccer stadium and an enormous World War II air raid shelter -- this is also where the city’s largest events take place. One such example, occurring three times a year, is northern Germany’s most popular public festival, the Hamburger Dom.
Distance to us: 1,1 km

6 • Messehallen

Du und deine Welt, hanseboot, Internorga or Nortec... It is impossible to stay up to date on the latest product developments without going to a trade show, and in Hamburg the possibilities are never-ending. Without doubt you will find something of interest in the steady stream of trade fairs and exhibitions at the Hamburg Messe.
Distance to us: 1,4 km

7 •Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen, or “Plants and Flowers” in the local dialect, is one of Germany’s most beautiful parks. The green space of close to 47 hectares attracts large numbers of visitors with a range of attractions, including various specific themes and events such as musical water-and-light evenings.
Distance to us: 1,5 km

8 • Reeperbahn & Kiez

The “naughtiest mile in the world” actually measures around 930 meters and is the main street of the “Kiez”. Here in the city’s pleasure and red-light district, in addition to red-light establishments and music clubs, are the Davidwache police station, famous from crime dramas, and the Hamburg Panoptikum, Germany’s oldest and largest wax museum.
Distance to us: 1,6 km

9 • Neue Flora

The Neue Flora Theater is among Germany’s largest and most important musical theaters. Constructed specifically for the musical “The Phantom of the Opera,” since its opening it has sparkled as the stage venue of notable musicals including “Dance of the Vampires,” “Tarzan” and of course “The Phantom of the Opera“.
Distance to us: 2 km

10 • Landungsbrücken

The jetties at the Port of Hamburg are significant city landmarks. Your options here include booking a harbor cruise aboard a traditional launch and touring the historic museum ship Rickmer Rickmers.
Distance to us: 2,1 km

11 • Alter Elbtunnel

The Old Elbe Tunnel, also known as the “St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel,” was inaugurated in 1911, measures 426.5 meters in length, and holds the distinction of being Europe’s first subterranean river crossing. It is a public thoroughfare that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists, as well as by motorized vehicles on a limited basis. It is well worth a visit at any time.
Distance to us: 2,2 km

12 • Hamburg Dungeon

Those who find history museums tedious need to visit the Hamburg Dungeon. This living history spectacle takes you on a fascinating and scary journey through over 600 years of Hamburg’s darkest times. Startling effects, scenes straight from the movies and real actors promise an unforgettable experience.
Distance to us: 3,2 km

13 • Stage Theater im Hafen

The Port Stage Theater is located at the Hamburg Free Port and is only accessible by boat. The building, constructed in 1994, was originally designed for the musical “Buddy.” After the end of the show’s run it was completely remodeled and taken over in 2001 by the musical “The Lion King,” which still plays there today.
Distance to us: 3,3 km

14 • Miniatur Wunderland

The Miniature Wonderland, located in Speicherstadt, Hamburg’s warehouse district, houses the world’s largest model train layout. You can discover the world in this 1300- square-meter space, traveling from Ticino, Switzerland to Las Vegas.
Distance to us: 3,4 km

15 • Jungfernstieg & Binnenalster

The Jungfernstieg, Germany’s first asphalt street, is one of the city’s most popular urban promenades. Starting here, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll through the Binnenalster neighborhood or take a historic Alster tour on the Alster Steamboat.
Distance to us: 3,4 km

16 • HafenCity & Speicherstadt

HafenCity, Hamburg’s newest district, is the city’s largest urban development project. The neighborhood, situated along the Elbe in the area of the old warehouse district, is completely surrounded by river and canal waterways. It is the home of Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the new city landmark, in addition to numerous other architectural highlights.
Distance to us: 3,7 km

17 • Rathaus

Hamburg City Hall, seat of the legislature and administration of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, was built in 1897 and contains over 647 rooms. Its design features Italian and northern German elements of the Renaissance, and it is 111 meters in length and 112 meters in height (counting the tower).
Distance to us: 3,8 km

18 • Tierpark Hagenbeck & Tropen-Aquarium

Hagenbeck Zoo, the world’s first zoo without bars, opened its doors in 1907. Over 210 animal species await visitors to the zoo’s facilities, which are partially under historic preservation protection. And just next door in the Tropical Aquarium are another 300 species.
Distance to us: 4,2 km

19 • Stadtpark & Planetarium

Hamburg City Park was opened to the public in 1914 and has become one of the city’s most popular green spaces. In addition to a large playground, sunbathing lawn, lake and many sports facilities, the 149-hectare grounds feature Hamburg’s only Planetarium.
Distance to us: 5,1 km