İrfan Yalçın
Pamukkale Restaurant was founded by von İrfan Yalçın, who came to Hamburg as the son of a Turkish guest worker. After completing his secondary education, he began working as a dishwasher in Yetim and Ali Baba, two dining establishments on the Steindamm in Hamburg’s St. Georg neighborhood. He spent nearly three years there as
dishwasher, cook’s apprentice and doner server, learning the trade from the bottom up.












After deciding to open his own business, he laid the first brick of the Pamukkale Restaurant in 1988. Originally just a small 11-square-meter stand, the business on Susannenstrasse in the Schanze district flourished over the years, becoming the hub of today’s small chain of enterprises.


The successful concept and high level of customer satisfaction led to the opening in 1991 of a second restaurant in Bergedorf located at Am Bahnhof 17. In the same year, at the urging of many snack bar operators interested in selling Pamukkale’s high-quality and tasty doner dishes, İrfan Yalçın began a small doner production facility at Juliusstrasse. And in 2006: the opening of a grill and bakery in the Bergedorf railway station.





Your brother, your shoulder

Pamukkale, a true sibling partnership


Mehmet Yalçın
In 1979 Mehmet Yalçın followed his family to Germany. Here he completed vocational school before testing himself in various occupational fields. After the founding of Pamukkale by İrfan Yalçın, the brothers decided to expand the restaurant. The close brotherly bonds remain strong today.










The pioneer

The head of the Yalçın family


Cafer Yalçın
In 1967 Cafer Yalçın left his homeland, a small town in the Turkish province of Uşak, to become a guest worker in France. In 1970, like many other guest workers, he migrated to neighboring Germany, guided by his desire to feed his family and to be able to offer them a better life. After stops along the way in North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, in 1979 the family reunited in Hamburg, where they still live today.