Doner de luxe
Our Doner: Doner de luxe 

We are the only Hamburg restaurant that has been preparing its doner kebabs completely in-house right from our first day of operation. And that was in 1988.
How do we do this?

We are glad to tell you:


Veal doner

Our doner kebabs are prepared fresh daily. We use 100% veal for our veal kebabs. We separate the meat from the bones, cut it into slices and marinate it in a special blend of spices. Lastly, we attach the meat slices onto the spit. As needed, the weight of the meat cone on the spit can vary between 50 and 120 kilograms. When the spit is fully loaded, we place it on our gas grill and begin to grill the meat. It then takes about an hour and a half to grill the meat to perfection. Good to know: a key to the taste is the size of the doner spit. The larger the meat cone, the better the taste. Here is the reason: the pressure from the weight of the meat, along with the constant cutting, keeps the meat from drying out, so that it stays juicy. Slice thickness is also important. The thinner the strip (slice), the more succulent the taste.
Chicken doner

We make our chicken kebab from chicken drumsticks. This is an important point for us, since the leg meat is not only especially juicy but also easier to attach to the spit. We debone the drumsticks individually by hand and then soak them in spicy marinade. After the meat marinates for a day, we place it on the spit over the gas grill. It takes about an hour to grill chicken kebab to perfection.



Whether for a side dish or to be stuffed into the pocket of the pita bread, we prepare our greens fresh each day, using only the best ingredients.




Quality is important. Especially with bread. This is why we also bake our own bread in-house. There is no other way we can be certain that only the best ingredients are used, without additives of any kind.




We create all our sauces in-house. We offer the following selections to go with our doner menu:

Cacık sauce: a light accompaniment made from thinly sliced cucumbers in a
garlic-yoghurt sauce, refined with mint 
Cocktail sauce: a mild combination of creamy mayonnaise, yoghurt, spicy
ketchup, herbs and sugar
Curry sauce: a spicy taste treat made from curry, creamy mayonnaise,
yoghurt, herbs and sugar
Hot sauce: a tangy temptation blending tomato sauce, pepper paste, spicy
ketchup, chili peppers, herbs and sugar