Turkish delicacies in the heart of Hamburg

Our restaurant is named for the town of Pamukkale in western Turkey. This fairytale
place, whose name means “cotton fortress” or “cotton castle” in English, is
known for its travertine terraces formed over thousands of years by chalky thermal
springs. In 1988 UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site.
And we at the Pamukkale Restaurant strive to be faithful to this name with our
authentic Turkish cuisine and meat as soft as cotton, all this in the middle of
Schanze, Hamburg’s absolutely trendiest neighborhood.
Since 1988 we have served our guests a wide variety of culinary delicacies. The
best-quality meat and ingredients delivered fresh daily into the hands of eminently
trained chefs guarantee a special kind of taste experience. For quality is our most
important goal.
Pamukkale’s approach to grilling is just as impressive and unique: tender, juicy
meat grilled with care over glowing charcoal while our guests watch with
anticipation. This gives it its typical grill aroma and serves up authentic, fullflavored
Turkish cooking.
Come sample our dishes – Adana Kebab, Ali Nazik or İskender Kebab, all carefully
prepared from market-fresh ingredients and herbs – and every day can be a new
journey to Turkey. Experience for yourself the simple pleasure of convivial dining
with friends.